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This one piece delivers peace-of-mind for special needs moms!

As a work-at-home mom, my job requires a lot of mental focus. That focus unfortunately never happens in time I need since I have a son with ASD. I have to frequently check on him because he has sensory issues.

For example when he makes a bowel movement in his pull-up, and I don’t catch it in time, he will get agitated with it and physically take it out with his hands. He can’t speak, so I’m never warned. So by the time the warning smell gets to me, it’s already on his body, face, and hair.

I tried the Naked No More® one piece on a night when my son was ill with diarrhea. I knew he would woke up before me the next morning with a dirty diaper and get agitated with it.

Imagine my utter relief when I work up to discover he had soiled his diaper, but the mess was contained to the proper area – such a simple product made a huge difference in my life!

Not only can I focus on my work without being paranoid of a pending mess, I can send my son to school knowing teachers will have the same time to catch a mess before he plays with it since the one-piece completely limits access to his pull-up.

The Naked No More® has saved my family time, frustration, and embarrassment for my son who’s still trying to navigate life with his condition.

- Aisha S.
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